Oil Painting

Initiation Into Oil Painting

Many wonderful things have happened in my life recently, the most sublime of which¬†has been meeting the love of my life. JPK Forever ūüėČ The other new development to report is that I have been utterly consumed with Oil Painting.

It all began on June 16th 2017 after I had watched a Bob Ross video on Netflix. Since that first painting, I have been painting non stop and I have been literally obsessed with this ancient and fulfilling art.

The Start Of It All

The First Painting - Peter K

The First Painting

Here is a photo of the first painting I did on June 16th 2017. This painting doesn’t exist anymore, as I painted over it shortly after. It was a pretty exciting time, and in retrospect, I wish I had kept it. I can really see why artists need so much space and storage. especially if you keep everything you ever make, and from what i understand, allot of artist do. I remember thinking at this time that I would do landscapes only and the pure joy and simplicity of them is what would define me……..That didn’t last very long. In fact, after a month long¬†love affair with landscapes and seascapes, I painted over this painting on the left with the painting below……

The Yellow Candle Peter K

The Yellow Candle

The Critics - By Peter K

The Critics

My land and seascape period came to a finale with this painting on the left, it is called, “The Critics”

It features landscapes, seascapes, and a haunting figure, all being shown at¬†one time in an art gallery, with critics standing amongst themselves and apart, being reflected off the ceiling and back again…


Around 3 months in…. I gained¬†true inspiration to paint after remembering some esoteric facts about…Caravaggio – Here is a small gallery of some of my interpretations of the Master….

Caravaggio ….By Pete


Walking in the steps of Mikey C, was one of the most amazing, and magickal experiences I’ve ever had. I learned so much, but more than that, I was literally re-initiated into a lineage of Magick that ultimately lead me back home to a very familiar place in my heart, the ¬†Magia Naturalis¬†( Book of Natural Magick) By Giambattista della Porta. Who was essential in¬†teaching Caravaggio.

My Painting Process

An Observation of our natural world and the pursuit of trying to render this world in an oil painting struck me as an utterly laudable pursuit, and I have enjoyed fulfillment in my heart during my attempts to capture the eternal spirit of the Master.

David and Goliath Peter K

David and Goliath

Moving Onward

Seems like I enjoyed that experience so much, I couldn’t resist the temptation to attempt studying some other Masters…I really love oil painting, and it has become a vital part of my life. First of all, It has challenged my heart and mind, and while I suffer at times trying to fill shoes massively too big for me. Furthermore, I always feel stronger and complete after my attempts.

The penitent Mirror Peter K

The Penitent M – De La Tour

Venus in her mirror sketch peter k

Venus in her Mirror Peter K

Venus at Her Mirror – Velazquez

Aristotle by Peter K

Aristotle – Jusepe de Ribera


Abstract Vase Painting

The Vase

Yellow Candle Painting

The Yellow Candle 2

Masonic lodge room painting

Making My Observations

If you have read this far and made it this far down the page, heres an extra little treat for you…¬†My interpretation of the statue.. Pan and Goat

pan and goat sculpture



Pan and Goat Painting

Pan and Goat


You can see a gallery of these and more of my work on my ART page on this website